Open Popup from a WordPress website menu

You have a website and you want to make a popups for your website menu. So that people after clieck any menu open a popsup. Here i will show you using a plugin How to open Popup from a WordPress website menu. The plugin name is popup maker“. Bellow i will show step by step How to open Popup from a WordPress website menu

Install and setup plugin

At first active this plugin, then go to website dashboard > you will see a popup option add there. you need to click add new popup. If you want after click contact us from menu then open a contact form. You should copy contact form shortcode then put it into new popup field.  Complete these step save it. After save it please again click popups options from dashboard. You will see that a popup option which you already create. You need to copy the popups class from right site.

Now go to Menu option form WordPress dashboard. Select your menu and open it. you will see that there has a option for select option. Select your popups and save the menu. Then come to your site and refresh your site. You will see the a new popup coming after click your selected menu.